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The most popular origin story says that the Kazoo was inspire by African instruments. The original prototype was created for him by German clockmaker Thaddeus Von Clegg. Vest then exhibited the kazoo at the 1852 Georgia State Fair, calling it the “Down-South Submarine.” At the fair, Emil Sorg spotted the kazoo and worked with Vest to put together a mass-production version that wasn’t released for another half a century.
The PKO, or Prestigious Kazoo Orchestra, is a student led kazoo group, who not only have managed to take one of the world's most hated instruments and popularise it enough to make an orchestra out of it, but to make said orchestra sound vaguely good. Performing such classics as Mozart's Amadeus theme, Christmas carols such as We Three Kings, film soundtracks like the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly, and disco hits like Tragedy, the Prestigious Kazoo Orchestra spins catchy melodies and succulent harmonies into a hilarious and exciting showstopper.
-Noah, founding member of the PKO