Music @ South
30% of the total marks.
• 1 solo performance
• 1 ensemble performance

• Recorded as coursework and sent for moderation to an Edexcel examiner

•The combined performance must be a minimum of four minutes
As a musician the course is open to all standards,  but if you are grade 3 upwards now, you could expect the 30% of the coursework is already done performance wise. Grade 5 upwards is certainly the full 30%!
GCSE Rush Hour Concert
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Standard Level is Grade 4
Group 1

Group 2

Group 3

Christmas challenge.. (Dec 2nd 2016)
30 minutes to create a Christmas arrangement using the instruments in the department and no written music. Groups were created randomly. (Well done!)
Listening / Appraising
Recording coursework: yr11 2017